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Find below information for Town Residents.  What’s happening in your neighborhood and things you should know.  

  • Town Council Meetings are held every 2nd Monday of each month unless otherwise stated.  They are held in the meeting room at the Town Office at 103 S. King St.  The remaining meetings will be 9/11, 10/9, 11/13, 12/4.
  • N. Main St. leak has been repaired.  Boil Advisory has been lifted.  
  • Yard Debris – The Town staff will pick up limbs and leaves on Thursdays. Please ensure that your leaves are bagged or in some container so they can be picked up. Limbs should be cut to a length that workers can handle and load (less than 6′).  Residents are asked not to blow, rake or dump leaves in a pile on streets or right of ways.  Staff periodically clean all storm drains and curbs to allow proper drainage.
  • Right of Ways – All town and state streets have dedicated right of ways.  The right of ways contain water, wastewater, electrical, and other utilities, as well as provide walking areas for residents and tourists.  Residents are asked not to block sidewalks and walkways with vegetation, etc.  Vegetation is not allowed to hang into the streets where visibility can be affected, or vehicles scratched, etc.  Town workers cannot replace damaged vegetation as a result of utility where machinery has to be utilized, etc.
  • Golf Carts – This is just a reminder that ALL golf carts must be registered at the Town Office. Once registered, you will receive a decal to display on your front windshield and provided with operational information. As posted throughout the town, please ensure that the golf cart is being operated by licensed drivers. If you have had to replace your windshield etc., please stop by the office to get another decal to display.

  • Light Ordinance – The Town of Bath requested the Bath Planning Board to investigate and develop a light ordinance for the planning area.  This undertaking was completed recently with the Planning Board working with Legal Staff and presenting to the Town Council for consideration.  The Town Council held a public hearing and adopted the light ordinance.  The intent was to maintain a reasonable level of lighting without interfering with neighbors.

  • Historic District – The portion of our town that was laid out in the 1700’s map comprise the Historic District.  Emphasis has been placed on protecting the historical significance of the structures and ensure that all new construction is appropriate.  The district has guidelines that are considered by the Historic District Commission whenever alterations, new construction, etc. are proposed.  A Certificate of Appropriateness is required prior to actual work beginning on your property.  Inquire at our office if you plan work in the Historic District.  Projects are divided into major and minor works and some projects can receive a COA without meeting with the committee.

  • Utility Billing – Town residents receive one bill per month for water and wastewater usage.  Payment is expected within the month following the bill.  If you suspect a leak or notice something unusual about your bill, please contact our office to have staff check to see if a leak is occurring, etc.  Policy requires us to terminate service for delinquent bills.  One notice will be issued before service terminated.  This policy is required in all municipalities that request state or federal funding for various utility projects.
  • Rental Property – If you rent or share your property, we ask that you update the renters or guests of the services and expectations of the town such as debris pickup, golf cart ordinance, utility billing, etc.  Residents are encouraged to inform renters and guests not to place baby wipes and other such material into the wastewater system.  Foreign objects can jam pumps at the residence and require costly service and possible pump replacement at the customer’s expense.
  • The Town Council meets the second Monday of each month at 7:00pm in the Town Hall.  Residents are encouraged to attend to make public comments, etc.  If you wish to be placed on the agenda for discussion and possible action, you are asked to provide a written request and what you are planning to discuss at least 10 days prior to the Town Council meeting.
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