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The Town of Bath has seen a sizeable increase in the maintenance budget for the wastewater system. The Town has explored various methods to reduce the amount of maintenance at each individual service

The municipal wastewater system is equipped to handle residential and business wastewater. This would include bathroom tissue ONLY. The system is not equipped to accept grease, cloths, towels, clothing of any type, mop strings, feminine products, disposable bathroom wipes or baby wipes, cotton balls, Q tips, etc. This foreign matter causes the pumps to jam and overheat, resulting in pump failure. This requires quite an investment of time for pump maintenance as well as a sizeable repair bill for pump rebuilding.

Another factor that has led to increased time being required for maintenance is the accessibility of utility services. Some wastewater services have had structures built in close proximity, plantings on top of the lids, and dome driveway material being placed on the tanks. This has required utility workers to spend valuable time searching for the service tank.

In an effort to reduce the amount of repetitive maintenance being required at some locations, the Town of Bath is implementing the following policies:

  1. All utility equipment will have to be accessible to utility workers. If Town of Bath employees have to search, dig, remove structures, etc. to perform maintenance, the resident will be charged at the rate of $25/hr. 
  2. If the pump failure is the result of a foreign matter being placed into the system, the customer will be charged 100% of the repair charge. The replacement pump repair charge can cost as much as $2400 per unit. This does not include any labor necessary to perform maintenance. A photograph will be taken of the pump and foreign matter for customer assurance. It is important to note that this charge does not include routine maintenance or pump failure due to normal wear.
  3. If you anticipate not using water and wastewater services for a period of more than 30 days at your residence, you are required to notify the Town of Bath Utilities (252) 923-0917. This will allow the utility department to inspect and prevent the line from becoming clogged. If the service line becomes clogged as a result of inactivity, and you have failed to notify the Town of Bath, the resident will be assessed the cost of repairs.
  4. If you plan to be out of town for an extended period, longer than a few days, and wish to have your water turned off, please call (252) 923-0917 and our utility workers will turn off the valve at the street. We encourage each resident to have a water cut off valve placed at your residence so that you can shut your water off if needed to your home. The meter at the street is Town property and should not be tampered with by anyone other than Town utility workers.
  5. No resident should attempt to maintain the unit or adjust electrical controls located at the residence. Injury and/or electrocution could occur. No lock should be tampered with and the seal should not be broken. Once again, call (252) 923-0917 for service.

The Town of Bath regrets that the above policies have become necessary. However, with the rising cost of repairs along with repeated service calls to some locations, the Town Board of Commissioners felt some additional policies were needed. Once again, these policies will not affect the normal maintenance of the system. These policies attempt to address maintenance requirements without increasing the user fees for water and wastewater services.

The Town of Bath appreciates your assistance with this matter and welcomes any other ideas to maintain our utility systems in the most efficient manner. Thanks again.

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